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Welcome Message From Rev. Dr. Vincent Vinod Kumar Presbyter In-Charge.

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I welcome you all through this media.

St. Mark’s stands as the witness to the glory of God, to the pioneers who founded and constructed it, and to the generations of faithful people who have maintained and preserved its fabric and traditions over years. Following Jesus’ life and mission, St. Mark’s has been consciously and creatively responding to every new situation by evolving an appropriate transformation model. Here, you will find information about our vision and mission. Please join our church and be part of its mission.

God Bless

Online Worship – Archives

Online Sunday Service: 29th  March by Rt. Rev. Dr. P.K. Samuel

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St. Mark's 11th October 2020 - 9am Worship Service

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Online Sunday Service: 22nd March by Rt. Rev. Dr. P.K. Samuel

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LIVE at 5 pm: Worship Concert - This too shall pass

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St. Mark’s Maundy Thursday

By , March 30, 2022