1. Mrs. Christy Joseph – Secretary
  2. Mr. Joseph Davaraj – Treasurer
  3. Mr. Santosh Ebenezer Baynes – Convener** It’s combined with IT and Communication sub-committee
  • Rev. Dr. Vincent Vinod Kumar, Presbyter-In-Charge
  • Prof. Hephzibah Doss – Secretary
  • Mr. Deepak George Pothan – Treasurer
  • Mrs. Anjana Samuel – Convener
  • Mr. John Thomas
  • Dr. Mrs. Leelavathi Devadas
  • Mrs. Sheila Swartz
  • Mr. George Philip J
  • Mr. Sunil Pichamuthu
  • Dr. M. Thomas Kishore
  • Mr. Jacob Vishwas David
  • Mrs. Ayesha Martin
  • Ms. Shireen Victor

Sub-Committee Member for the period 2011-2013

Pastoral Team

  • Rev. Moses Jayakumar – Chairman
  • Rev. Charles Irwin
  • Rev. Robbie Prakasam
  • Rev. Surendra Kumar Sahu

Editorial Team

  • Rev. Daniel Ravi Kumar – Chairman
  • Mr. Samuel Mohan – Secretary
  • Mr. Mathew Isac – Treasurer
  • Mr. Vinod Thomas – Convener
  • Ms. Cynthia Stephen
  • Mrs. Hepzibah Doss
  • Mrs. Pushpa Walter
  • Mrs. Rachel Mohan
  • Ms. Shireen Victor
  • Mrs. Shubhashini Vivian
  • Mr. George Philips
  • Mr. John Wesley Amose
  • Mr. Prince Jacob Edison
  • Mr. Vinodkumar Boniface


  • Ms. Erica James
  • Mrs. Hamsila Samuel Rajan
  • Mrs. Hepzibah Doss
  • Mr. John Wesley Amose
  • Mr. Navin .S. Matthew
  • Mr. Prince Jacob Edison
  • Mrs. Rachel Mohan
  • Mr. Chris J. Sanandam -Convener
  • The function of the sub-committee is to bring out eight issues of the chruch magazine “Remarkable” during the biennium.


The general procedure followed for editing is as below:

  1. Once the theme for an issuse is finalized, it is printed in the pew slip inviting contributions from the congregation.
  2. Articles are received from members.
  3. Soft copies of the articles are distributed to the committee members for editing with each article being edited by atleast two committee members.
  4. Once the initial editing is done, the committee meets to complete the editing, collating available contents and finalizing images to be added.
  5. Inputs are added from the committee members for the Children’s Section, puzzles and other appropriate theme related content.
  6. The final layout and design is done by the printer with the guidance of one or two committee members.
  7. This draft is sent to all the committee members for feedback and review before the printing of the issue.
  8. The issue is printed and made available to the congregation on the finalized date.

Harvest Issue

The first meeting of the committee was held on 10 th August 2009 and the theme and timeline for the next issue to be published were disscused. The theme was finalized to be ‘In the face of Recession: God’s Abundance’ to be published on or before tha Annual Harvaset Thanksgiving festival in the church . Quotes were received from 5 printers. The lowest quote was from Print Smart who was finalized to be printer for the Biennium 2009-11. The Remarkable was published and available for members on October, 2009. 700 copies were printed.

Advent and Christmas Issue

The meeting to discuss the theme and timeline for the next issue, the Advent and Christmas issue, were held on 17 October 2009 and 7 November 2009.Also, Feedback and suggestions about the previous issue was discussed to held improve the next publication. The theme was finalized to be ‘Beyond Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh’ to be published on or before Christmas Day.

The Remarkable was published and available for members on 24 December 2009. 800 copies were printed.

Lenten Issue

The meeting to discuss the theme and timeline for the next issue, the Lenten Issue was held on 9 January 2010.

In spite of their busy schedules, the committee members make time individually and as a team for the Remakable. They strive to put their ideas together to proudce a meaningful and Christ centered publication.

The Editorial Committee thanks the Presbyter, Secretary, Treasurer, members of the Pastorate Committee and the congregation for their prayers, support and guidance.