1. Rev. Dr. Vincent Vinod Kumar, Presbyter-In-Charge
  2. Mrs. Christy Joseph – Secretary
  3. Mr. Joseph Davaraj – Treasurer
  4. Mr. Stephen Azariah – Convenor
  • Rev. Dr. Vincent Vinod Kumar, Presbyter-In-Charge
  • Prof. Hephzibah Doss – Secretary
  • Mr. Deepak George Pothan – Treasurer
  • Mr. Leslie Pearson – Convener
  • Mr. Vivian Victor
  • Mr. Jagadish Arthur
  • Mr. Solomon
  • Wg Cdr C. J. Premvardhan
  • Mr. Willington Prabhahar
  • Mr. V. S. Prabhakar

Sub-Committee Member for the period 2011-2013

  • Rev. Moses Jayakumar – Chairman
  • Mr. Joseph Davaraj – Convener
  • Mr. Samuel Mohan – Secretary
  • Mr. Mathew Isac – Treasurer
  • Mr. Jagdish Arthur
  • Mr. Leslie Pearson
  • Col. E. W. Benjamin
  • Mr. Kamalesh Dutt
  • Mr. B. N. Prasanna
  • Mr. Emerson Samuel
  • Mr. Leslie Pearson
  • Mr. C. T. Raj
  • Mr. E. D. George
  • Mr. Rajkumar
  • Mr. Immanuel Nicholas Iyadurai


  1. Mr. John Satish
  2. Mr. Leslie Pearson
  3. Mr. Sujay Kuruvilla
  4. Mr. Jawahar Abraham
  5. Mr. Reji Thomas -Convener

Jobs Completed

  1. Roof repair of parsonage and painting.
  2. Bore well pump replaced and commissioned.
  3. The cross lighting on both the crosses on top of the church as well as the one facing M.G. Road have been reparied.
  4. Sunday school grill work.
  5. New sump for the parsonage.
  6. New sump built near the toilet.
  7. Painting of resource centre.
  8. Stone skirting created all around on all floors of the resource centre.
  9. All carpets in the church changed both in all the isles as well as the altar.
  10. Painting of old age home units.
  11. Cross Light repaired.
  12. Annual Maintenance Contract for the resource centre lift has been negotiated and signed.
  13. Plastering behind Parsonage and painting the road facing wall and exteriors.
  14. Parsonage roof that has been leaking has been re-done and the entire parsonage has been repainted.
  15. Creation of an estate maintenance record for all buildings.
  16. Pest control agency contracted to proctet the pipe organ against rodents,Also to carry out periodical pest control work of the other buildings on the premises.
  17. Missing brass carpet raisres have been replaced.
  18. All kneelers in front of the altar have been repaced.
  19. Two of the existing staff quarters have been completely renovated and water proofing has been done for the roof to accomadate one more staff on the premises.

Pending Works

  1. Periphery security lighting of the church compound with motion sensors to be installed Trial order has been given.
  2. Ground floor of the parsonage to be renovated and converted into a guest house for visiting clergy or anyone else.
  3. P.A. system to be revamped. Quotations have been procured, the work ordre to be issued.
  4. Security fencing for the entire compound to be done keeping in mind the existing architectural style of the church, sample of the fencing erected behind the parsonage.
  5. Extension and enclosing of the church’s porch area to accomadate the overflow during Sunday worship, architect has been contacted to give a design which will blend with the existing church’s architecture.
  6. All pew seats require to be replaced with fresh cane weaving that is being treated with top priority.
  7. New overhead sintex tank 2000 lit. capacity to be installed over the parsonage as the existing masonry tank is leaking.
  8. Mansonry enclosures to be made to house 2 pumps and the music school generator.
  9. Procurement of additional fire extinguishers for the church and refilling of the existing ones if out dated.