Senior Citizens & Home


The vision of the St. Marks Cathedral Senior Citizens and Home is to enhance the elderly care programs, launch initiatives, and manage its supporting systems.


The mission is to facilitate Christ-centric, caring and friendly environment for the senior citizens of St. Mark’s community.
The needs of the Senior Citizens are broadly classified into two categories, namely
• Care and Extended Support
• Establishing sophisticated homes for Senior Citizens
Their needs will be executed by segregating it further as short, midterm and long terms goals.


1) The Wisdom of Elders

• Create a platform and opportunities for those who seeks elder’s guidance and mentorship.
• They can share their experience and knowledge to the young generations of St. Marks community and bound in the areas of Education, Legal, Technology, Entrepreneurship, General Management, Music, Media, Art and Craft and so.

2) Engagement with Nightingale Medical Trust/Similar in Nature

• Partnership/collaborate with the Organizations which provides the extended services to the elderly people.

Short Term, Midterm and Long-Term Goals:

1) Care & Extended Support

We, as Christians have a responsibility to show kindness, respect and the welfare of elderly people. Some of the programs are mentioned as below:
• Home visits to be extended especially during Sick time, special occasions like Birthday’s and their Marriage Anniversaries and so
• Extended Support in times of bereavement, loss of dear and near ones, providing counselling, food, medicine, shelter, transport facilities to attend Church services
• Facilitate get together and retreats
• Conduct medical camps and regular checkup facilities
• Safety and security enablement through technology
• Financial support with limited scope
• Senior Citizens Lounge and Special Care during Church programs
• Wheel Chairs / Ramps
• Library

2) Establishing sophisticated homes for Senior Citizens

The objective is to provide peaceful, healthy living atmosphere for Senior Citizens with advanced facilities. The facilities shall include but not limited
• Park
• Recreation Center
• Medical / Hospital facilities
• Common Hall
• Digital Libraries

Date Event Name
30-Jan-2021 Session: Introduction to Covid vaccines and its implementation by Dr. K. Ravi Kumar,
Senior Regional Director, Ministry of Heath and Family Welfare, Govt. of India, Bangalore
April Easter
Sep Senior Citizens Day
Dec Senior Citizens Charismas Celebration

Progress update of St. Marks Home Project

Date Description Detail
30-Oct-2020 Progress Update to Congregation Members Update1
31-Jan-2021 Project Status Update-Refined the drawings and overall area has been reduced (G+2) Update2
  1. Rev. Dr. Vincent Vinod Kumar, Presbyter-In-Charge
  2. Mrs. Christy Joseph – Secretary
  3. Mr. Joseph Davaraj – Treasurer
  4. Ms. Rebecca Nayanatara – Convener
  5. Mrs. Melanie Moses
  6. Ms. Anu Elisha
  7. Mr. Suresh Simon
  8. Mrs. Florence Premkumar
  9. Mrs. Rachel Mohan
  10. Mrs. Namitha Charles
  11. Mrs. Shamila Daniel
  12. Mrs. Mary Rajarathnam
Name Roles & Responsibilities
Rev. Dr. Vinod Vincent Kumar Presbyter-in-charge
Prof. Hephzibah Doss Secretary
Mr. Deepak George Pothan Treasurer
Mr. John Wesley Amose Convener; Communication, Budgeting and Overall co-ordination
Sis. Annama Mathew Member; Meeting Prayer request/needs
Rev. Clement Rajkumar Member; Adviser, House Visit In Charge and counselling
Mrs. Florence Prem Kumar Member; Area lead for House visits and Birthday wish
Mr. Jacob Joseph Member; Engagement Programs/Medical Camps
Mrs. Mary Rajarathnam Member; Wisdom of Elders initiative coordinator and
Area lead for House Visit
Mrs. Rebecca Doss Member; Christmas Program/Get together/Retreat and Area lead
Mrs. Rita Paul  Member;Area lead for House visits and Orphanage visits
Mrs. Rachel Mohan Member; Area lead for House Visits
Mr. Satish Navaraj Member; Technology, Sr. Citizen Database Maintenance, Transport co-ordination
Mrs. Sujita Raj Member, Senior Citizen Day coordinator and Area Lead