The St Mark's Youth Fellowship

Mission Statement -

"We are the youth, who are witnessing Christ in the modern changing world, manifesting warm Christian love and fellowship and using our talents for the glorification of God as well as nurturing ourselves in relation to one another". Amen

The youth fellowship of St Marks Cathedral presently has around 20 members comprising of young professionals, students and others from Bangalore's immigrant population.

Our Youth Fellowship is a place where Christian youth can be challenged to live for God and be encouraged as we struggle through life's challenges. You also have the opportunity to share with others how you came to know Christ. Or perhaps you're still searching for God and are full of questions. Maybe we could help you find what you're looking for.

We believe that during our youth ,an individual is most open to external influences and pressures, Partially independent from shelter our parent provide as children, we are able to wander down a path from where recovery seems impossible. Optimistically speaking though, a person who is built in the Lord at this stage has a strong foundation. The youth fellowship has been fuelling the young people to be inspirational leaders and also providing a good foundation in the Lord.

Our Challenge
The central commitment of the St Marks youth fellowship to Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior will have no meaning unless we are able to witness to Him within, through our own Church and culture.

Bible study
Planned visits to Homes/orphanages/hospitals.
Prison Ministry
Concert/Plays and Musical for Fund raising
Writing and composing songs
Sports Ministry
Discussion and debates on youth related issue
Inter/Intra church competitions
These objectives can broadly be outlined with the Youth Fellowship.

Youth convener
Kamal Paul.L