"Train a Child in the way he should go & when he is old, he will not turn from it." - Proverbs 22 :6
The vision of Sunday school is to lead the children towards Christ, enriching them with His Knowledge, Love, and preparing them as His disciples.


    The mission of the Sunday school is to facilitate each and every child to grow with Christian values through relevant Biblical teaching, enriching their scripture knowledge and understanding, developing leadership qualities among them and bring them up as a good citizens of this and eternal world.


  • Conduct Sunday school classes as per the plan
  • Develop leadership qualities among the Children and to create a platform for fostering the children's talents
  • Involving children in various Church programs
  • Facilitate and coach children to participate in external and internal scripture exams and Inter Sunday school programs to exhibit their talents and to glorify God
  • Conducting VBS
  • Motivate the teachers and children
  • Establish communication among parents, teachers and children
  • Conduct spiritual development workshop for teachers and volunteers
  • Continuous Focus

  • Enriching Children’s scripture knowledge - through MVT, and coaching and encouraging them to participate on scripture exams
  • Self Motivated Talent Exhibit program
  • Junior Choir - Provide a platform and take part in the 10:30am worship choir(4th Sunday of every month)
  • Continual process improvements
  • New Initiatives

  • Host St. Mark's Inter Sunday school Fest
  • Technology Enhanced learning- Provide students with higher quality of learning experience
  • Spiritual guidance for teachers and student counselling