Mission and Evangelism


1. Rev. Dr. Thomas Ninan
2. Lt. Col. William Paul
3. Dr. Edwin Devadoss
4. Mrs. Shanthi Premkumanr
5. Dr. Mrs. Meera C. Abraham
6. Mrs. Prema Jacab
7. Mrs. Pushpha Walter
8. Mrs. Leela Anandan
9. Mr. Samuel Mohan - Convener

Mission and Evangelism is a mandate for the Church and for its witness. Each year St. Mark's endeavors to make a difference in the life of the communities we serve. The committee shares in the vision and our mission is extended to more needy areas. We now have eleven mission fields, co-ordinated by enablers and monitored by the Convener of the committee Mr. Samuel Mohan.

1. Bangalore Urban: Enabler: Pastor G.R. Pushpharaj. This is a mission to the visibly challenged.  We have provided walking sticks for members and a joyful fellowship evening of song and praises.  Rev. Daniel Ravikumar shared a personal message of the " Way God renews and restores" the challenged in life.  The visually challenged gather to woship and study the Bible and encourage others in similar situations to a fuller life.  Talking Bibles in Kannada and Tamil were provided.

2. Bellary:  Enabler Pastor 1. Namdev. The church has provided 3 bicycles for the fellow-evangelists to go into the remote areas.  The mission is growing with new members and also they face resistance from other groups.  Talking Bibles in Kannada have been provided for helping Seven missionaries.

3. Champa Enabler: Johnson Dang. He reaches out to the tribals of Uttarakhand.  We have provided talking Bibles to promote the work in the mission field.

4. Chattisgarh: Enabler: Mr. Ram Kumar Pankaj (Korea district). He records new languages and promotes services for the spiritual and material needs of the people.  He has provided a bicycle by St. Mark's Cathedral to do his visits and also a talking Bible.

5. Chickballapur Enabler: Mr. Steven Robin visits remote villages and holds worship in homes and open areas of the village.  Many people are coming to pray and socially mix to be 'communities of love'.  The CSI pastor at Chickballapur supervises the growth and church planting.  Talking Bibles/Regular Bibles, and Song Books have been provided to facilitate the mission work.

6. Hosur: The Irula community has been provided with three Sewing machines and a Tutor is supported by St. Mark's Cathedral.  Rev. Jackin Isravel is our Enabler who works with IEM (Indian Evangelical Mission).

7. Jaffna: We have provided 5 numbers of Computers for computer training for the War Windows of Jaffna.  This is being monitored by Rev. indiradhas Rajkumar of jafflia Diocese.

8. Kolar Gold Fields: With the help of Rev. J. Sounderraj we are active in 3 areas in KGF which are serviced by St. Mark's Cathedral.

  1. 5 computers at the computer center with Training Marikuppam.
  2. 6 Sewing machines and Tailoring at Christ the Saviour Church Marikuppam. 
  3. 3 Sewing machines and Tailoring in Messiah Church at Peddapalli.
  4. Carpeting of the Churches have been provided at Christ the Saviour, Messiah and St. Andrew's. Salaries of the Teachers for Computer and Tailoroing Units I & II is also provided by St. Marks' Cathedral.

9. Madanapalli: Enabler: Mr. D. Ravikumar.  The activities include running an orphanage, providing tutiion for the poor children in two villages. Two tutor  tutor's allowance are provided by St. Marks' Cathedral.  Talking Bibles/Bi-cycles, 3 Sewing Machines have been provided.  A place of worship and community center has already been built at Nimanapalli which will be dedicated shortly and called St. Marks' Church in the mission field.  Seasonal vegetales grown are brought to St, Marks periodically to augment resources needed for the mission field.

10. Nandyal: Enabler: Mr. M. Bhaskar.  St. Marks' has been enabled two communities to complete their Churches in 2009 in Dantalapalli and Chottepalaya villages.  Talking Bibles have been provided for the promotion of the misisonary work.  The field work is monitored by Bishop Rt. Rev. P.J. Lawrence of Nandyal Diocese.

11. Solakunte:  Enabler: Mr. Yesu Babu.  We have two projects going on their besides workship services.  We have a tailoring unit.  We have provided training in envelope making and candle making for economic upliftment of the community through Arpana.  Bicycles/Talking Bibles and 3 Sewing Machines were provided.


In 2009 for Christmas, we visited KGF and Chickballapur and distributed gifts-Rice, Dhal, Sugar, Oil, Shirts and Sarees. Due to unrest in Andra Pradesh we were not able to visit Madanapalli. Subsequently, planned 15th Jan 2010.  Mission is everyone's responsibility.  Some members actively participlated, others supported, some prayed for the work, only God blesses and substains the development process.  We are very grateful to the members of the Cathedral who have generously provided resources for providing the X-mas Gifts.

A combined one-day training programme for some of the St. Mark's misison enablers and K.C.D Mission workers was held at St. Marks' on 3rd Sep-2009.