1. Air. Cmde W.Chinniah

2. Mrs. Prem Chinniah

3. Mrs. Usha Stephen

4. Mrs. Edna Benn

5. Mrs. Shobana Immanuel

6. Mrs. Rita Paul

7. Mrs. Shamila Daniel

8. Mrs. Namitha Charles -Convenor

1. St. Marks Home : The inmates of the Home have been regularly visited to ensure that they are in good cheer and spirits.All their requirements have been cheerfully listened to and in most cases,fully attended to.

a. Painting: All the inner walls of the quarters have been completely scarped, repaired and painted .The inmates were requested to move into the vacant quarters, one by one, while their quarters were being painted and cleaned. This was done to avoid any disturbance and health hazard to the inmates while the painting and cleaning were being done. Assistance was provided by the Cathedral staff in moving their personal effects. A through job was ensured by the personal presence of ,and supervision by ,members of the Sub Committee, in rotation. The works Sub Committee provided good material and dedicated manpower to complete the job so well.
b. Senior Citizens Christmas Party: All the inmates were invited to participate in the Senior Citizens Christmas Party held on Fri, 04 Dec 2009.All of them participated and enjoyed it.
c. Home Christmas Party: A Christmas party was held at the home on the evening of Mon, 21 Dec 09. The members of the Sub-Committee and the Home inmates sang many carols. Sumptuous snacks were served. On Christmas Day, after the morning Service, all the inmates were visited, wished and given Christmas gifts. It brought in a great deal of cheer and happiness to the inmates and the Sub- Committee members.

2. Members Outreach: The Sub-Committee started this programme with an intention of identifying members who have been unable to come to church either because of old age or debility or any other reason. Several insertions in the pew slip did not yield any response. The Sub-Committee then collected telephone numbers of all the Senior Citizens, along with their date of birth, from the Church Office. Many of them were contacted and we have now been able to identify eight such persons. Rev. Daniel Ravikumar, gladly visited them and gave them Holy Communion at their homes. One round of visits was completed in Aug/Sep 2009.The Sub-Committee is in touch with them and found that they would like to have one more round of visit and Holy Communion for Christmas. This was also completed by the Padre. We are encouraged by the happiness it is bringing. The work of finding more people who need such help is continuing.

3. Grand Parent's Day: This Day was celebrated on Sun 20 Sep 2009. It was a function that was planned to include only the grandparents and grandchildren without the without the parent's presence. A total of 145 people(grandparents and grandchildren) attended the function. It was planned and executed with a great deal of enthusiasm and the whole function appears to have generated a lot of fun , laughter and gaiety, more among grandparents than grand children! Snacks and Coffee were served on arrival at 10:30 am after the service. There was lots of games played jointly by grandparents and grandchildren. There was also a Panel Discussion on the topic "What does grand parenting mean to you?" Six speakers spoke on the subject for three minutes each. The discussion was moderated by Rev.Charles Irwin. The day ended with lunch for all.

4. Christmas Party for Senior Citizen's: The Senior Citizen's Christmas Party was held on Fri,04 Dec 2009.A total of 125 Senior Citizens attended. Light snacks and coffee were served on arrival at 4:00 pm. The party started off with everybody joining in with singing Christmas Carols. Thereafter there were a number of games interspersed with a few thought - provoking slide shows. All the Senior Citizens participated enthusiastically. During these shows Christmas cake and wine were served to all. There was lot of excitement in the end when prizes were given for the games. Each Senior Citizen was then given a Christmas Gift. The Senior Citizens were then treated to some heavy snacks before the party closed.