ReMARKable is parish magazine of St. Marks Cathedral. This is published on every three months. This covers the topic of the season and gives the opportunity to the Church members to share their thoughts on. This covers the reports on the various mission activities happens on this Church. The publications of the magazine is governed by the editorial board.

Pastoral Team

Rev. Daniel Ravi Kumar, Presbyter-in-charge - Chairman
Rev. Charles Irwin
Rev. Robbie Prakasam
Rev. Surendra Kumar Sahu

Editorial Team

Rev. Daniel Ravi Kumar, Presbyter-in-charge - Chairman
Mr. Samuel Mohan - Secretary
Mr. Mathew Isac - Treasurer
Mr. Vinod Thomas - Convener
Ms. Cynthia Stephen
Mrs. Hepzibah Doss
Mrs. Pushpa Walter
Mrs. Rachel Mohan
Ms. Shireen Victor
Mrs. Shubhashini Vivian
Mr. George Philips
Mr. John Wesley Amose
Mr. Prince Jacob Edison
Mr. Vinodkumar Boniface

Month & Soft Copy of the Magazine
Dec-2012:Celebrating the Grace & the Truth
April-2012:He Walked Where I Walk
December-2011: Journey Towards Jesus
October-2011: More Blessed to Give than to Receive
October-2009: In the Face of Recession:God's Abundance