Community Care

Dear members of the Cathedral,

Sub: Talent Outreach - 2015
Glory to God! Greetings from the Community Care Team!

With the society around us being pluralistic and the world becoming inter-dependent in this Knowledge Economy, it has become imperative for leveraging our talents to be of value to our own fellow members and be of service to the outreach initiatives to glorify God. In this direction it has been initiated to map the talent available in our church based on the profession. As of now we have enlisted 15 categories viz., Doctors, Advocates, Teachers, Engineers, Entrepreneurs & more can be added. Every one of us brings in some talent which is of value if provided with a suitable opportunity. St. Mark's Cathedral is blessed with a reservoir of immense talent across various fields in all age groups. We are initially creating an inventory of professional talent to reach out in times of need by any of the fellow members. The objectives are broad based and are enlisted below:

  • To utilize your talent - knowledge, skills as a resource person for any of the Community care projects as and when convenient to you
  • To provide a valuable professional advice to a fellow member who can reach out to you directly and share the gift of knowledge
  • To be a Mentor or a Coach for the growing young population, in the church, for whom your timely guidance would be of priceless value and help them in their informed decision making process.
  • To add value to your own professional and personal life by directly networking with fellow members

  • Participation in this talent mapping is voluntary and not binding for making a commitment. However, we would encourage every member to participate in this exercise and be of value to our fellow members in the church circle. The details provided will be shared within the church members, to be of mutual help for the fellow members..
    Let us serve one another & make the world around us a better place. Reach out & be blessed!
  • Please provide the details by clicking the link