Community Care


1. Mr. Suresh Simon
2. Mrs. Sumitra Lawarance
3. Dr. Mrs. Hema Premvardhan
4. Prof. Lalit Pothan
5. Mr. M. Chellappa Visuvasam
6. Dr. Mrs. Sushila David
7. Ms. J. Joan
8. Mr. S. Nova Bethania - Convener

Our Dream is service. For the St. Marks family, service is a priority. To serve the community, one should have the compassion, without no one is able to serve. Mother Teresa said "The dangerous disease today is not leprosy or HIV, but it is unwantedness, lack of love". Everytime you smile at someone or stranger it is an action of love, it is a gift to that person. If you judge a person, you have no time to love them.

The committee decided to start the following community projects and programmes.
1) Employment and Placement Service 2) Marriage Bureau 3) Flood Relief